Borrower's Bill of Rights

you have the right to:

Your lender has a responsibility to act ethically and with your best interests in mind. Some lenders take advantage of the great complexity of the process in order to profit at the consumer's expense. Unfortunately, federal and state laws only provide limited protection, since many "shady" practices are legal (the laws can't cover everything). has developed a Borrower's Bill of Rights. Although lenders are not obligated by law to deliver most of these rights, we believe every lender has an ethical responsibility to provide all of them to every borrower. The lenders in our ethical rate directory have attested that they adhere to these principles.

  1. Competitive Rate Quote
  2. Rate Quote That Won't Change
  3. Accurate Explanation of Credit Status
  4. Fair Fees
  5. Upfront, Full Disclosure of All Lending Fees
  6. Accurate Closing Date
  7. Immediate Notification of Underwriting Issues
  8. Confirmation of a Rate Lock
  9. Exceptional Customer Service
  10. Advocacy With Lender/Underwriter
  11. No Surprises at Closing
  12. Help After the Closing