Business loans are lending instruments designed to fund a number of things related to the operation, founding or expansion of an enterprise. Small business loans, commercial loans and bad credit business loans can be obtained from such sources as traditional banks, credit unions and specialized lending institutions. The total cost of business loans will depend on a number of things, including current lending interest rates. Business loan rates adjust up based on the creditworthiness of the enterprise. A business loan calculator can help company owners gain a rough idea of what costs might be, but the numbers are mere estimates.

Bad Credit Business Loans

Qualifying for Rural Housing Service Community Facility Loan with Bad Credit

There are three major types of community facilities loans through the rural loan program of the USDA: direct loans, guaranteed loans and grants. Each has its own requirements. While the USDA may be flexible in terms of income requirements for these loans, they are typically not as flexible with... »

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Business Loan

Getting a Line of Credit for Your New Business

Many entrepreneurs require a new business line of credit to succeed. Although most experts agree that there are many factors, they also will concede that a business line of credit is often the most critical factor for business success. For example, to succeed a business must have a unique... »

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Business Loan Rates

5 Factors that Contribute to Fluctuating Interest Rates on Business Loans

Interest rates on business loans are determined by a combination of complicated factors, both on a personal level and on a national level. Your business's financial plan matters, but your business does not exist in a bubble. The national loan market will have a large affect on your ability... »

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Commercial Loans

Working with Stated Income Commercial Loans

Stated income commercial loans provide a way for lenders to meet the needs of certain unique types of borrowers. These borrowers are the self employed and small-business owners. These borrowers often have difficulty qualifying for traditional commercial loans. A key factor in traditional lending is income verification. Loan officers... »

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Small Business Loans

4 Questions to Ask Your Small Business Lender

The best time to ask your small business lender questions is before you sign anything. It is important to know exactly what your commitments will be when you close the loan. If you discover you are unhappy with certain provisions of your loan after signing the closing documents, it... »

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