Free Mortgage Rate Graph for Your Site

Customize the graph to display your preferred info, and match seamlessly with your site's look. proudly offers this mortgage interest rate graph as a free, fully customizable code snippet that can be added as an interactive feature to your own website.

Whether you are a broker, realtor or mortgage lender,'s unique interest rate graph provides valuable interest rate data to your customers, while keeping them engaged on your site. Your visitors can use this rate graph to view interest rates over time and to compare rate trends across different types of mortgage loans including conventional and jumbo fixed rate mortgages and ARMs.


Customizing the appearance of this rate graph to match your own website is easy. Start by selecting the state then further customize your graph by following the steps below.

1. State

Select one state below OR select the national average.

2. Products

Select up to 2 mortgage products to display.



3. Color Scheme (optional)

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4. Preview

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5. Grab the Code

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