Student loans are lending vehicles designed to fund the pursuit of higher education. While student loan rates tend to be set low by design, it does pay to explore both private student loans and federal student loans for the best possible offers on an individual basis. Options exist in both arenas for bad credit student loans, as well. Repayment of student loans tends to come after graduation in most cases. Borrowers can get an idea of what their repayment schedule will be like by taking advantage of student loan calculators that estimate monthly payment amounts. If the pricing turns out to be too high, student loan consolidation might be worth exploring.

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Federal Student Loans

Can I get a PLUS loan for a graduate student?

You can get a PLUS loan for a graduate student just as easily as you can for an undergraduate. In fact, to compensate for the fact that graduate degrees can be costly, graduate PLUS loan limits are higher than undergraduate limits. To apply, contact the financial aid office at... »

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Private Student Loans

Choosing Your Private Student Loan Lender

A private student loan lender is a separate and distinct lender from those who offer government backed loans. Unlike loans that are offered by the Department of Education, private student loan lenders do not have to abide by the same repayment flexibility rulesor options for loan forgiveness. As such,... »

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Student Loan

Student Loan Advice for Parents

Most people today cannot afford to fully fund the entire cost of college or graduate school without a student loan. A few very exceptional and gifted students are fortunate enough to receive full academic or athletic scholarships. But the vast majority of students will need to secure a student... »

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Student Loan Consolidation

Choosing a Student Loan Consolidation Lender

Choosing the right student loan consolidation lender is a very important decision. There is no question that it often makes sense to consolidate student loans. This is often a good way to improve your cash flow and your overall finances. Many students are bombarded with solicitations from many different... »

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